Hello there, I am not too sure how many will be stopping by to read this, but if that happens to be you, then welcome. My name is Carla, I was born & raised in Kelowna, BC. I am a self taught creator of all the creations within Pineapples&Palmtrees. 
I have travelled near and far, lived in various locations, moved from Vancouver in 2017 with my now husband; we currently reside in a small town north of Edmonton, Alberta, called Fort McMurray, with our two pups.  
I have been playing with craft supplies since I was around the age of 8 years old. My grandma really encouraged my creative side with seasonal crafting projects and creative gift sets. I began sewing and doing macrame at a young age, starting with friendship bracelets and hemp necklaces.
I grew up in a household that allowed self expression, painting the walls of my room, cutting and styling my hair as I pleased and most times wearing what I preferred. My dad was free spirited and instilled in me a down to earth way of looking at life.
I am an April, Aries babe with Aquarius moon. I find myself being driven in areas of self growth and transformation. My styles evolve with time and I appreciate learning new skills and hobbies.  
I like to work with various mediums and apply extra attention to detail, allowing myself to get lost in the journey of the creations, enjoying every step of the process. I make everything out of our home, one room is a dedicated space for all things craft, which I am so grateful for. 
Whether you have purchased from me in the past, are a friend, family member, or are a new customer, I humbly thank you for taking the time to view this space. 
♥︎. Carla Batchelor

I would love to work with you!
Simply contact me via email where we can further discuss your ideas, colour theme, crystals, beads and details. 


Custom designs require a minimum of 50% deposit prior to me starting the order, whether or not you would like to pay in full is entirely up to the buyer.
*Shipping is not included, pick up is an option if you are local.

Prices vary depending on the quality and cost of materials, collection and preparation of materials, creating and assembling the design.


//SMALL: STARTS AT $40(+)(4.5"+)

//MEDIUM: STARTS AT $60(+)(12"+)

//LARGE: STARTS AT $115(+)(16"+)


Designs >16" have a possibility of losing shape over time, due to the weight of the material and or the strength of the hoop used. 

Please be mindful that each and every piece is one of a kind and no two are "exactly" alike. 

All sales are final.